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Chocolate Bundt Cake


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Try our famous chocolate bundt cake for a taste of heaven!

Nothing melts in the mouth so quickly like this beauty and the craving for more is on another level!

Rich, moist chocolate cake and if you want a double wammy on the flavour,  try drizzling with some chocolate fudge.



A rich, moist and low-sugar yummy chocolate cake baked in a bundt pan which gives this beautifully delicious shape and pairs nicely with a nice cup of coffee especially when drizzled with a syrupy chocolate ganache

Enjoy this flavourful, delicious snack to brighten up your day!

Can be refrigerated for up to one week

Size: 8” X 4”’ It also comes in 2 other presentations: 1) Chocolate loaf cake and 2)  8″ round-shape pan… both loaded with same delicious goodness!

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