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Cakeflair Cake baking in Lagos Nigeria
Cakeflair cake sample in Lagos Nigeria

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Why choose Cakeflair? 🤔

Do you love Cakes and breads or want to learn sugarcraft? Are you conscious of ingredients used? Trust us; We bake with NO commercial additives, only clear nutrition information and quality ingredients…wholesomeness on every level.
We at Cakeflair are here to make you happy!

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Only organic & natural ingredients at Cakeflair

Proud of what we create

We do more than just bake 😉

We bake, we play & laugh.
We get recognition for the hard work!

Cakeflair’s Chef Juls was the proud winner of the EKO Chocolate Chef Awards, 2019
We are proudly Nigerian, and we promote the Nigerian entrepreneurial spirit.

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    Baking is a science, an art, and a way of life that you can experience and enjoy. 
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