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Learning Roadmap

Our Learning Courses

Stage 1 - Baking Classes

The foundation for building confidence as a baker starts with how well you can bake  cakes.

Take advantage of our easy to follow step-by-step classes either on-site or online to help you build confidence.

We run two baking classes Choose whichever format you prefer- whether online or On-site (physical live class) and we will show you how to become a pro baker!

Stage 2: Sugarcraft Classes

After you have learnt how to bake with confidence, the next core skillset is to develop  good decorating skills. With our Sugarcraft classes, you can build on from basic to more daring cake decorations. Our structured step by step process will teach you how to gain mastery and decorate so well, you will earn an award in no time!

We run 6 sugarcraft classes

We run these classes at the bakery and if it’s not convenient for you to physically come around, we also have them in online step-by step course work format which you can watch in the comfort of your home. Take advantage of which ever format works for you.

Stage 3: Business Templates

Now that you have built confidence with baking and cake decorating skills, you can begin the journey of starting a cake business and keep your satisfied customers coming back with repeat business.

It’s time to put on your ace game and build a successful cake business. Whether you want to set up a home business or commercial scale bakery, these customized templates are tried and tested and will help you set up adequately. With these templates and live classes, you will learn how to convert, scale recipes and price your cakes. You’ll get all you need to build a structured cake business easily.

These Structure Your Business Templates will greatly help you with the right step by step.

Business Blank Pitch (free join our free think tank

Cake Business Plan: simply fill in the gaps and you’ll have an investor-ready business blueprint for your cake shop in no time.


“Write your own story with your craft. If you don’t, someone else will” – Chef Juls

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Our Templates

Recipe Calculator and Recipe Costing


Staff Productivity Pack (Process Document)


Structure Your Bakery Hands-on Training Live Class


NAFDAC Registration Guide Templates


Get ready for success by following these easy step-by-step templates!


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How To Make Sugar Flowers: Roses, Lilies. Chef Juls with students