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The art and science of baking

Sugarcraft Skill School

Sugarcraft Skill School

There are 3 core stages in the life cycle of a top baker. If you complete these stages and modules attached to them, you will be at the top of your game like Chef Juls!

  • Stage 1: Baking Classes

The foundation for building confidence as a baker starts with how well you can bake  cakes. Take advantage of our easy to follow step-by-step classes either on-site or online to help you build confidence. We run two baking classes

  1. a) Beginner baker class
  2. b) Learn fruitcake class.

Both of them have online format and physical live classes to show you how to become a pro baker! Which format works for you?

  • Stage 2: Sugarcraft Classes

With good decorating skills you can begin the journey of starting a cake business when your finishing is professional and keeps satisfied customers coming back with repeat business. Our structured step by step process will teach you how to gain mastery and decorate so well, you will earn an award in no time! We run 6 sugarcraft classes

  1. Buttercream Project
  2. Whipped Cream Project
  3. Fondant Project
  4. Sugar Floral Project
  5. Wedding Cake Project
  6. 3-D Modelling Project

We run these classes at the bakery and if it’s not convenient for you to physically come around, we have them also in online step-by step course work format which you can watch in the comfort of your home. Take advantage of which ever format works for you


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Our Templates

  • Stage 3: Structure Your Business Templates

Now that you have built solid skills baking and decorating cakes, it’s time to put on your ace game and build a business empire from your craft. You can be a great baker and still struggle to pay bills. To avoid these, we have built for you a success template model that will help you become successful.

Our templates are worldclass and tailored to the Nigerian baking/sugarcraft ecosystem. With these templates and live classes, you will learn how to convert, scale recipes and price your cakes so well that you can build a sustainable model without hiring an accountant in the early days of your business, who most of the time is clueless about your business.

Our Baking Business Templates are world-class and at the same time tailored to the Nigerian confectionery ecosystem.

In the right step by step order, these templates include:

Recipe Calculator and Recipe Costing


Staff Productivity Pack (Process Document)


Structure Your Bakery Hands-on Training Live Class


NAFDAC Registration Guide Templates


Get ready for success by following these easy step-by-step templates!


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