About Us-

We are Bourffe Bakeries Ltd founded by Juliet Aigbe (Chef Juls) and managed by a solid crew of dedicated team players.  A full-service bakery-cafe.  Enjoy our one-company-four-brand confectionery experience where we offer you guilt-free happiness one bite at a time!

Through Cakeflair,  we make your celebrations colourful and delightful with tasteful, artful sugarcrafted cakes.

Through Bourffe, which is a mini-bistro, we make for you tasteful, enjoyable non-commercial breads and patisseries. Our bread baskets are artisanal and loaded with accompaniments like Badagry Jam, Made-in-Nigeria Coffee, Aganyin Sauce and Honey depending on what you want.

Through Chef Juls Africa, we help families achieve close bond and happiness through DIY home-baking with our additives-free, easy-to-bake delicious cakemixes and pancake mixes. We are actually Nigeria’s first indigenous baking mixes. We are proudly Naija!

Also through our Sugarcraft Skill School, we teach about cakes and offer you and your kids inspiration and skill through sugarcraft,  basic baking science and even the business of baking using the SYB – Structure Your Bakery Model. This gives you control and authentic knowledge of cake-making, artful decorations and how to make profit from the craft.



Offering you:

Specialty Cakes
Pick N Go Ready-Made Cakes
Dainty Loaf Cakes
The Bourffe Bistro  -our bakery-cafe
Sugarcraft Skill School

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You can trust us for:

  • -High Quality Cakes and breads
  • -We care about your nutrition requirement even if you are gluten-intolerant or diabetic
  • -No additives in all our products, just wholesomeness on every level.
  • -We feature different portion size to suit your budget
  • -We focus on locally-sourced ingredients for freshness
  • -We still have indulgent desserts! …even the wisest king on earth King Solomon advocates for cakes as soul-food. Songs of Solomon 2:5 NKJV
  • -We pay attention to packaging
  • -We create an interactive community of kids, bakers and executive enthusiasts who love to bake and learn sugarcraft
  • -Ultimately, we are here to make you happy and we hope so far, you are happy!
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