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About Us ―

We are Cakeflair:

  1. We make beautiful celebration cakes just the way you like it.
  2. Additives-free, easy-to-bake cake mixes/pancake mixes for you and your kids.
  3. We bake and teach about cakes and how to set up a successful cake business with our tried and tested templates.
  4. Above all, our mission is to give you guilt-free happiness, one cake at a time!

Offering you:

Made-to-Order Cakes (Specialty Cakes)
Made-to-Stock Cakes (Pick N Go Cakes)
Dainty Loaf Cakes
Cakemixes (5 Variants + Pancake mixes)
The Bourffe Bistro (our bakery-cafe)
Sugarcraft Skill School (Baking Classes, Sugarcraft Classes and SYB Templates)

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My Experience

Juliet, Owner, Creative Head, T.V Chef, Baking & Sugarcraft Coach at Cakeflair is a nutripreneur, wholesome food advocate and reformer who believes baked goods can be wholesomely made without carcinogenic, non-nutritive sweeteners and additives

Driven by a desire to explore commercial opportunities, Juliet together with a team of dedicated workforce turned a baking hobby into four  (4) business enterprises : 1. Cakeflair a walk-in made-to-order cake company which has carved a niche in the confectionery industry by producing high-art sugarcrafts, decadent, lower-calorie cakes using wholesome recipes that embody its mission: guilt-free happiness, one cake at a time.  And later, 2. Bourffe Bistro a bakery café that provides clean and wholesome bread for wholesale and consumers, and power breakfast that is wholesome, fresh, and delicious. Her inspiration for wholesome food comes from being raised in a family that grew all their food from farm, buying only few food items from open markets;  her knowledge of commercial food processing, where unscrupulous practitioners use additives that contain carcinogens is inspiring.

In recognition of its sustained innovation and use of technology as a business development tool of strategy, diversity, and inclusion, Cakeflair was one of three winners of Standard Chartered Bank’s Dragon’s Den award. Cakeflair showcased creativity and chocolate artistry by winning the Eko Chocolate Chef Challenge, whose objective is to make Nigerian chocolate a global phenomenon. She’s winner of Niara Africa Business Pitch Competition.

In addition to their current product offerings, Juliet pivoted the bread bakery into a new line of  product with design innovation, food safety and market connectivity by offering wholesome cakemixes  branded “Chef Juls” merchandized to the public via various formal retail outlets and has recently included pancake premix to the mix making a total of 6 packaged premixes of Vanilla, Red Velvet, Chocolate, Allergen-free; Nutrisap and Pancakemixes.

Her 4th enterprise is a formidable Sugarcraft Skills School where she developed templates to empower other bakes through her success story borne out of many failures and new discoveries.

She is down-to-earth, effervescent and will not accept old standards that limit what is possible.