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About Us ―

We are Cakeflair: We make beautiful cakes and additives-free, easy-to-bake delicious cakemixes for you and your kids.
We bake and teach about cakes and its wholesomeness

Offering you:

Specialty Cakes
Pick N Go Ready-Made Cakes
Dainty Loaf Cakes
The Bourffe Bistro  -our bakery-cafe
Sugarcraft Skill School

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You can trust us
High Quality Cakes and breads
We care about your nutrition requirement even if you are gluten-intolerant or diabetic
No additives in all our products, just wholesomeness on every level.
We feature different portion size to suit your budget
We focus on locally-sourced ingredients for freshness
We still have indulgent desserts! …even the wisest king on earth King Solomon advocates for cakes as soul-food. Songs of Solomon 2:5 NKJV
We pay attention to packaging
Interactive community of kids, bakers and executive enthusiasts who love to bake and learn sugarcraft
Ultimately, we make you happy!